7 ways a classified website can make money for you

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How to make money with classified website

Is a classified ads website worth the efforts these days? Yes, it is. A classified website can still serve you in many ways to generate a huge sum of revenue. Some may think that classified websites are out of date, but we found the reality to be quite the opposite. We would like to share what we have found on this matter here.

According to a research by Statista

  • Worldwide ad spending in the Classifieds segment is projected to reach US$19,766m in 2021.
  • Worldwide ad spending is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2021-2025) of 3.35%, resulting in a market volume of US$22,550m by 2025.
  • Analysts at Statista are attributing this growth to the high growth rate of eCommerce in China and Asia altogether.

These facts certainly prove that starting a classified ads website can help you tap into the upcoming boom in the market. Now let’s have a look at the ways through which you can make money with your classified website.

Make money with classified website

#1 Paid advertisements

If you have an established classified website, where thousands of visitors visit the website every day, you can easily charge fees for the advertisements. Some ad categories are pure goldmines such as cars or homes. Vendors know that they can earn big money if they can show the adverts to the right people. And for that, they don’t mind paying a fee to you.

#2 Google AdSense & other ad networks

You can create and place an ad space within your page to show ads from Google AdSense or other such ad networks. These ads are particularly helpful when the website hasn’t reached the peak of its popularity, yet manages to receive a considerable number of visitors per day. These ads help you convert your traffic and generate passive income. But be watchful while using Google AdSense. Because you don’t want to disrupt your page design for banner ads and provide a bad user experience to your visitors.

#3 Sponsored ads

This is the most popular form of revenue for a classified ads website. There are always people who are in a hurry to sell their products. So they want to distinguish their ads from the others’. And you can do that in exchange for a fee. With classified PHP scripts like Adified, you can develop a system of Premium Ads very easily.

#4 Charge fees for additional time

When you have just started your classified ads posting site, you may not charge fees for posting ads. But you can surely charge fees to show the ads beyond the specified time. As these websites are reviewed daily,even a few hours more showtime seems lucrative to vendors.

#5 Charge for extra facilities

You can develop two packages for posting ads on your website. One is free, where vendors get a limited number of images and descriptions. And the other system could offer an additional number of images and descriptions. You can charge vendors to avail this extra facility.

#6 Sell ad space

You can develop ad spaces on your classified ads website and sell them for a price to the vendors. This is helpful when your website gets established and churns a huge number of visitors each day.

#7 Charge to display ads on the top

There will be some vendors who would want to display their ads on the top position of your website. You can sell the space to them for a fee. You can develop a mix of packages to make it more attractive to the vendors such as the dimension of the space, the time of display, etc.

How to create a classified website like Craigslist

You might be thinking of making a classified website like Craigslist or OLX but wondering how to do that. The task is really easy if you choose Adified – premium PHP classified application. It has all the necessary tools to create a successful classified website. If you are thinking about how to make a classified website successful, this is your answer.

Why should you choose Adified?

Adified comes with tons of advanced features to let you serve millions of users at a time. Its powerful media manager lets your users upload images instantly without any hassle. You can offer sponsored ads by using premium/urgent ad options inside. Users can log in to your site with their social media profiles as well. The payments are processed automatically and our database stores all the transaction history so that your users can track whenever they need. We made the script fully responsive and SEO & microdata-friendly with options to report ads to keep your site clean from unwanted ads. With the dedicated Contact Us page, your vendors can offer a contact form and a place to pin their office location on Google Maps.

Premium ads

With the premium ads option, you can offer your vendors to post their ads under premium category. This way, their ads will shown on top of the others.

Urgent ads

If anyone has an urgency to sell a product, he/she can post in the urgent category. We have differentiated urgent from premium so that you get a better chance of making money.

Seller page

Adified gives you personalized seller pages that show all of the ads belonging to a specific user. It will also work as listing store product.

Social login

Some of your users will be lazy and that’s a fact. So we have added the social login feature so they can login to your site with their social media profiles with just a click.

List/Grid view

Users can see the results in either of these two modes. It helps them to get a better view of the results and gives them the feeling of being in control.

You can get all these and more with our classified PHP script at a reasonable price. Have a look at our demo here to get a preview of what’s inside.

Closing Words

Nobody can describe the prospect of earning from a classified ads website in a word. But building such a website from scratch can take lots of efforts and money. Instead, choosing a done-for-you script as a classified ads website builder can save you in many ways. With Adified, you can take your classified website beyond any limit. So stop wasting your time and purchase it today!