Meet the best WordPress LMS plugin – Dozent LMS in-depth review

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Best WordPress LMS plugin review

The world of WordPress is constantly updating. Newer and newer products are coming to the market every other day. As an elite web app development company, we like to keep an eye on the new products to keep ourselves informed of the changes in the industry. That way, we can let our readers know about the latest trends in the web market. And today, we are going to talk about the best WordPress LMS plugin available in the market right now. If you are planning on entering the eLearning sector and making a mark for yourself there, this article is going to prove really helpful for you.

Dozent LMS

The plugin we are talking about is Dozent LMS. It’s a comprehensive WordPress LMS plugin with which you can build a fully professional eLearning website in minutes. It comes in two versions – Free and Paid. The free version is enough to build a complete learning management system for yourself. The paid version becomes helpful when your business is at a good level and you want to expand your horizon. Dozent LMS Pro offers three important addons that you can use to make your LMS site more robust.

What makes you fall in love with Dozent LMS [Features]

It’s the features that make Dozent LMS the best WordPress LMS plugin in the market. It’s practically a powerhouse of numerous functional features. Generally we see that a particular product is jam-packed with features but those don’t serve the purpose to the fullest. So in the end, it just becomes a dead weight for the owner. But not with this one. Every feature of Dozent LMS is so functional that you will be compelled to fall in love with it.

Intuitive frontend course builder (the best feature for users)

The course builder is stupidly easy to handle. Anyone with absolutely no technical skill can use it too. With this builder, you can create a fully professional course in under 10 minutes. No user has to go to the complex backend to create a course, ever.

Clean code (the best feature for webmasters)

If you are a web developer and you need to use Dozent LMS for commercial purposes, you can easily do that. The codes are as clean as it can be. And there’s a detailed documentation and elaborate code references compiling all the classes, functions, hooks, and methods used in it.

Powerful backend course builder

If you have loved the frontend builder, you’d go crazy over the backend course builder. There are literally hundreds of features here that you can use to create your course. You can also create products and attach them to courses to generate more revenue.

Versatile quiz builder

The quiz builder inside the course builder is pretty unique. Currently it lets you create five different options for quizzes – true/false, single choice, multiple choice, single line, and multiple lines. With this builder, you can create awesome quizzes to test your students’ skills. According to Team Dozent LMS, they are working to provide a couple of more quiz options right now and they’ll release the update as soon as they are done. 

Distraction-free learning

Team Dozent LMS has done a superb task to integrate such an option with their best WordPress LMS plugin. With this feature, your students will see only the lectures and study materials on their screen. No other element from WordPress themes will distract them while they are studying. This will increase the productivity of your students and give them an unmatched eLearning experience.

Endless money-making possibilities

Dozent LMS provides its users with endless revenue generation prospects. It integrates WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) to create and sell online courses without any hassle. And it has a superior process in place for all your money management. From the earning and withdrawal settings, you can split the commission between you and the instructors easily. You can also charge additional fees as platform charge or something else and select default payment option from Bank Transfer, E-checks, and PayPal.


This is the show-stopper from Team Dozent LMS. They are offering a fully functional certificate builder plugin that can be used even with the free version of Dozent LMS. No other LMS solution provider offers such a feature at this moment. All the other LMS plugins offer certificates with only purchases. But Dozent LMS has developed a separate plugin by the name Dozent LMS Certificate with which you can create beautifully designed certificates to be distributed with each of your courses. If you are a newbie, you can import two done-for-you certificate templates. You can also add your own custom template to the builder. The certificate builder lets you offer different certificate templates for different courses. This is yet another factor that makes Dozent LMS the best WordPress LMS plugin at this moment.


To make your business more profitable and to give you more control over your eLearning site, Dozent LMS offers three addons. These addons come with the purchase of Pro version. The Pro version is particularly helpful when your online education business is making good impressions in the market and you are planning to expand the business now. 

Lecture preview

To make your courses more lucrative to your prospective students and to give them a sneak peek at what’s inside the lecture, Dozent LMS offers a lecture preview option. You can set it on very easily from the addons section of Dozent LMS Pro.


The enrollments addon lets you enroll students directly from the backend. This way you can add students to any of your courses  without any issue.


This addon lets you select one or more courses as prerequisite courses to a specific course. This is really very helpful when you are offering advanced courses from your website.

Ratings, Reviews, and Wishlist

With Dozent LMS, your students can add a course to their wishlist if they decide to get enrolled in the course in future. They can also put ratings and write reviews for a particular course and instructor.

Private discussion

To establish a one-to-one communication channel between students and instructors, Dozent LMS has integrated a discussion feature. Via the discussion panel a student can ask questions about the lecture, quiz, or anything related to the course to the instructor. When the course instructor replies, it will be shown in a private chat board. This is very helpful for those students who don’t feel comfortable sharing their problems on a public forum.

Multiple instructors

If you want a course to be taken by more than one instructor, you can easily do it with Dozent LMS. Just search for the instructor by name, user name, or email and add them to your courses. This feature helps you offer a course where specific portions are conducted by individual experts.

Z-category encryption system for protecting your videos

This is one of the most important factors for a WordPress LMS website. Because your videos are the most valuable asset to you. If anyone can access it without permission or enrollment, the whole idea falls off. That’s why Dozent LMS has developed a completely secure encryption system for all the videos. For this system, no one can get access to your videos without enrollment and log in. Even if someone gets the link from the inspect element section of the page, they will be blocked to watch the video and see an error message instead.

Go unlimited

At Dozent LMS, everything is literally unlimited. You can add unlimited number of courses, unlimited number of sections, lectures, and quizzes to each course, and unlimited number of videos per lecture. You can also enroll an unlimited number of students in each of your courses. And the good news is, your site won’t lag a bit while handling so much traffic and courses.

Course search engine

You will also love the dynamism of the frontend course search engine. Students can choose from 8 different attributes – most relevant, most reviewed, ratings, date, title, price, video duration, and difficulty level – to search the courses they prefer. 

Constant updates

Team Dozent LMS are pretty serious about keeping their plugin up to date. For that they keep releasing updates and fixing bugs. They also pay great importance to their user feedback.


Last, but certainly not the least, the pricing plan to be highly satisfactory. The price is very competitive compared to other such LMS plugins. And the features list does a complete judgment to the price and provides the highest value for money.

Our opinion

Dozent LMS is here to change the concept of online education. The way they are advancing and the things they have in the planning phase; it’s surely going to bring a paradigm shift to the industry. If you are an individual educator, an educational institution, or a corporate giant, Dozent LMS can serve you all equally. So choosing Dozent LMS to build your eLearning platform will be a wise decision indeed.