HelpUs VS GetFund – Which is the best crowdfunding PHP script?

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Best crowdfunding PHP script

Small startups and new ventures are always on the lookout for funds at the beginning. Because of the nature of their venture, they remain short on cash. So they want to raise capital so that they can operate their business smoothly. There are a number of ways by which they can raise this capital. Probably the most prominent of them all is crowdfunding.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the process of raising capital from a large number of people to fund a new business venture. The idea is pretty simple. Getting a $10,000 fund from a single person may be difficult. But getting $10,000 from 100 people is not that tough. And this is what crowdfunding does. Crowdfunding platforms bring together small investors to fund a promising business startup with or without a return.

Benefits of crowdfunding

There are certain advantages that make crowdfunding an ideal source of raising capital for your business. Have a look at the benefits here:

  • It requires less time to raise money
  • You don’t need any upfront fees to raise the finances
  • It can be a valuable form of marketing too
  • As the investors can track your progress, they can promote it too with their networks
  • Out-of-the-box ideas tend to get funding here
  • Investors can become your most loyal customer
  • Pitching the idea may attract professional feedback and expert guidance on how to improve it

All these benefits prove that small business owners will keep looking for crowdfunding platforms to meet their capital goals. North America generates $17.2 billion a year via crowdfunding, while Asia and Europe generate $10.54 billion and $6.48 billion respectively. And the crowdfunding market is estimated to grow to $300 billion worldwide by 2030. All these figures indicate that having a crowdfunding platform is supremely prospective business to have. Creating such a platform will not only generate revenue for you, it will also help thousands of dreamers to achieve their dreams.

Creating a full-fledged crowdfunding platform is quite easy these days. There are lots of done-for-you crowdfunding PHP scripts with which you can create your platform easily. Let’s have a look at two such scripts here.


HelpUs crowdfunding PHP script offers you a complete crowdfunding solution. It is built with PHP and MySQL using the Laravel framework. You can make a ready-made crowdfunding platform within just 5 minutes. Special features that make HelpUs unique from others:

Media manager

This is the hottest feature of this script. You can store your images for lifetime with a single upload. Once you upload a content, you will get a URL that you can use anywhere you want. This centralizes all your media content which only you can see and no one else.

Comments module

The script has a personalized comments module via which your users can share their thoughts about a particular campaign.

Digital assets as reward

With this script, your users can offer digital assets for their reward-based fundings. This is a new addition to our script to provide your users with more options to offer as rewards.


GetFund is yet another crowdfunding PHP script from Themeqx. While HelpUs has specific specialties in some areas, GetFund also specializes in some other areas.

Powerful admin panel

The admin panel is so powerful that you can do literally anything with it. Users can use the campaign dashboard in an easy way and can do anything related to the campaigns.

Staff picks feature

You can add your favorite campaigns to the staff picks area which is proven to get more attention from the viewers. And the more viewers watch the campaigns, the better chance to get the funds.

Secure hash password

With this script, you users’ passwords are stored using the hash function. This way the data stays more secured and retrieval becomes easy and less time-consuming.

Which one to choose?

HelpUs and GetFund both have their own advantages and specialties. We have developed two separate scripts to cater to your specific needs. And both the scripts have the power to lift tons of data seamlessly. So we suggest you identify your needs and go through the complete features list of both the scripts to know which one would be the best pick for you.