Get your ultimate crowdfunding solution with HelpUs PHP crowdfunding script

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HelpUs PHP crowdfunding script - your ultimate crowdfunding solution

Crowdfunding is probably not a new concept to you. You may have come across this thing at one point of your life. But still there are many who lack the in-depth view of crowdfunding. In this article, we will inform you everything about crowdfunding. And we will also tell you how HelpUs could really help you to create an ultimate crowdfunding solution.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is exactly what the name sounds. It’s when a crowd of people funds one of your ideas. But that’s a very general statement of it. On a more elaborate note, when a group of people sees your idea or cause, believes in it, and donates or invests any amount of money in return of any reward, equity, or nothing through an online platform, it’s known as crowdfunding.

How many types of crowdfunding are there?

Depending on the nature of return, crowdfunding can be classified into four different types –

1. Reward-based crowdfunding: This is the most popular of all the types. In this type, fundraisers offer products, services, or other gifts to the backers in exchange for a set amount of donation.

2. Equity-based crowdfunding: In this type, fundraisers offer a piece of their business as equity to those who fund their businesses.

3. Debt-based crowdfunding: This one is similar to bank loans. The only difference is that you borrow money from the market instead of the banks. That’s why people call it ‘marketplace’ funding too. Fundraisers provide a set annual percentage of benefit to funders.

4. Donation-based crowdfunding: This type of crowdfunding doesn’t consist of any return. People donate an amount completely out of extending helping hands to fundraisers.

Advantages of crowdfunding

For many reasons, crowdfunding won the race over traditional fundraising. The most important factor of crowdfunding is that it’s faster than accumulating funds traditionally. It doesn’t require any upfront fees to process the funds. Sure, some fundraising sites may charge you for the amount raised. But that’s payable only when your funds are accumulated completely. Another thing is, when you share your idea on an online platform, you get a second perspective. So you can calibrate your idea to perfection with people’s feedback. Sharing ideas is also a great way to market the idea. You may also get a considerable amount of media attention by this. And last but not the least, unconventional ideas have a higher chance of getting financed here.

Having your own ultimate crowdfunding solution

Until now we have come to know how crowdfunding can be helpful for any idea in incubation. Now let’s look at it from a different angle. There are millions of such dreamers who have a terrific idea. But they lack the necessary funding for implementing it. Hence, they need a solid crowdfunding platform to initiate the plan. So why not give them such a platform and generate some revenue in return? If you are looking to tap into this business, HelpUs can help you all the way.

What is HelpUs and what’s in it?

HelpUs is a PHP crowdfunding script with which you can create a complete crowdfunding platform with tons of features. We built it with PHP and MySQL using Laravel framework to enable you to create an ultimate crowdfunding platform within just 5 minutes!

Why choose HelpUs?

This ultimate crowdfunding solution comes with a ton of exciting features that will make you fall in love with it. Here’s a glimpse of what HelpUs includes.

  • Easy payment system – With HelpUs, the funders can donate easily to any campaigns using its default integrated PayPal, Stripe, and Bank Payment methods.
  • Media manager – This is the hottest feature of this script. With HelpUs, you don’t need to upload your image twice. Just upload the images to the media manager and get a URL to use in every media input. This is like a centralized system of all your media content.
  • Anti-spamming protection – The script contains Google reCAPTCHA to prevent spamming on users end.
  • Powerful admin panel – The powerful and versatile admin panel lets you manage everything on your site smoothly.
  • GDPR compliance – With Cookie notice, Privacy policy page, and User deletion option, HelpUs complies fully with the GDPR.
  • Unlimited campaigns and reward – Users can set unlimited campaigns and unlimited rewards for each of their campaigns.
  • CMS pages – If you want to show any information, you have the freedom to do it with ease as HelpUs comes with a built-in CMS to create, edit, and delete pages.
  • Projects we love and Recently funded – Show campaigns that you love and the list of campaigns that were funded recently on your site.
  • Right to be forgotten – HelpUs contains a dedicated user form via which your users can request you to delete all of the stored data, including campaigns, personal data, billing data, payment logs, etc.
  • SEO-friendly and Clean code – All the codes are clean and customizable and includes SEO-friendly URL, meta tags, and social meta tags.
  • Others – HelpUs is translation-ready, created for high performance, has a responsive design, and enables users to login and share with their social media profiles.

Closing Words

If you are planning on establishing a crowdfunding platform of your own, HelpUs can become your ultimate savior in many ways. And most importantly, such a script with so many awesome features is priced much higher in the market. But see how HelpUs is priced reasonably so that everyone can get the opportunity to create wonders with their platforms. Another positive factor is the dedicated support you’re going to get with the script. So we suggest you give it a thought before making up your mind.