Terms and conditions

This software company is owned and operated by Themeqx.com. First of all, Please read carefully the Terms and conditions for purchasing, downloading any of the product(s) from Themeqx.com or its product selling partner Envato. PLEASE DON’T PURCHASE OR SIGN-UP HERE WITHOUT ACCEPT THEMEQX.COM TERMS AND CONDITION.

1. Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances, Themeqx.com will not be liable for any of your direct, indirect damage, loss data, business fault, client loss, or any kind of damage. We are not bound to give you any update or install it to your server or respond your any kind of message or comments.

2. License

You can use 1 domain per purchase any of our product(s). You must have to purchase an extended license for your client, and yes, it will be one domain per purchase.

3. Ownership and Liability:

You can’t ask for ownership of any of our product(s). We have the right to take action if you use our product(s) without our permission or purchase.

4. Warranty:

Almost all of our product(s) come with no warranty. We do not guarantee that it will be work to your server or all of the browsers.

However, we always check our product and we encourage seeing a demo before purchasing. Our dedicated support team always waits for you.

5. User Termination or suspension:

We reserve the right to suspend any users and cancel his purchase, without giving refunds and without any notice for permanent or temporary. But probably you will get your account back.

6. Refund policy:

We selling our products in two ways. and the refund policy will be different for each way.

  • i. Checkout from this website (https://themeqx.com)
  • ii. Checkout from the CodeCanyon

i. Checkout from this website (https://themeqx.com)

Our order process is conducted by our online reseller Paddle.com. Paddle.com is the Merchant of Record for all our orders. Paddle provides all customer service inquiries and handles returns

Themeqx.com offering it’s customers for 30-day refund from the day of purchase. Our complain team is always ready to hear your problems and act upon it without any loss of plausible time.

Through this refund Policy, we learn to grow and develop, and we are committed to receiving your complaints as blessings, besides you shall be awarded 100% refund without any question asked if satisfies the following:

  • Application for refund must be issued within 30 days of purchase.
  • The refund amount will be equal to the amount paid for the product.
  • Refunds are only allowed when the product purchased has stopped functioning or displaying in the way prescribed by the advertisement, or broken abnormally after the installation.
  • Refund shall be denied in case of any abuse, alteration, or acts of fraud done in order to initiate refund policy or ruin reputation.
  • Frequent download of the product shall be held as a medium of abuse.
  • No refund in case of script conflict with 3rd parties application.
  • No refund if your Webhost doesn’t meet the requirements for the product. or denied updating the PHP, MySQL version.

ii. Checkout from the CodeCanyon

Once you purchase product(s), you will not get any refund in any way. Some of the major cause, you purchase it by a mistake, no need your purchased product, you can’t install it, your server doesn’t support it, product(s) is not compatible for all browser, etc.

We only accept refund if we fail to fix a bug.

7. Privacy Policy

Your account information data will be never sold or transfer to any third party. We will keep and secure your data. finally, please welcome, and you will be happy, because of we are a great company