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Teachify LMS v.2.2.0 has arrived.

Today we are releasing a brand new update of Teachify LMS v.2.2.0 From the version 2.2.0, admin can see all lecture preview before publishing any course. There was a responsive design issue at the top menu bar, with this update, it has been fixed. Now admin/user can change their E-Mail from the dashboard profile update […]

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Teachify LMS – A new era in the Learning Management System

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The education industry is continuously changing. It’s generating significant changes in the Learning Management System (LMS) with time. These days, online education is the first choice for students. They can interact directly with the course and course materials. We always adopt new technology and we try to provide something better for our users. In continuity, […]

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How to place a support question properly

We notice some of the users facing an issue during place a support question, sometimes it shows error message “Your license key is invalid”. So here we describing how to place a question to our forums properly. First thing you need an account to place a support question, please create an account or log-in in […]

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Introducing Adified – php classified script

Adified – php classified script is a modern classified website application that is built to lift tons of data. It’s very easy to install and advertise classified products with unlimited multiple categories on Adified. Google Adsense and other ads network are enabled to make money through this Laravel classified script. By using Adified classified script, […]

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Fix MySQL Login issue with root user, #1698: Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost'(MySQL 5.7)

Fix MySQL Login issue with root user, #1698: Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost'(MySQL 5.7) MySQL has been changed its security model from version MySQL 5.7, You can’t log in with root from now by an application such as phpMyAdmin, WordPress, Magento, OpenCart or any others built by PHP which required use function mysqli_real_connect(), because these […]

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Configure SMTP to send Emails in Laravel

Getting Started First of all, you need to get a service from an SMTP Email service provider and configure smtp to your app, they will provide you SMTP credential for sending email using your Laravel Application. You can also ask your hosting provider first if they allow you to send SMTP email, so you can […]

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