Multi Instructors

Take a course by multiple instructor, add and access them to build and take care of your course

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  • 13 June, 2024
  • 16 January, 2021
  • 1.0.0

Multi Instructors Teachify LMS plugin allows you to work multiple instructors together to create a course. you can give them each control over the course, as well as you can give credit where it’s due. Multi Instructor plugin allows one instructor to create a course and own it but be able to add other instructors to help in creating Quiz, creating and assessing Assignment, and monitoring student enrollment, progress, etc. It’s like create and manage a course by a Team.


Multi instructor search

Smart Ajax Instructor Search

Multi Instructor Plugin lets you search instructor by name, E-Mail from the Instructors page of the course. The search results will appear right under the search box, you can select instructors to add them to the course.

  • Search Instructors powered by Ajax
  • Select Instructors and add them to the course
  • Search results show a stats about the instructor performance, like total course

Multi Instructors on actions - teachify lms

Access to the course all part

Newly added instruct will get course access instantly. As co-instructor, he can do everything on the course, to add lessons, update lessons, change pricing, content drip settings, etc.

Beautiful Instructor Intro

Multi Instructor plugin lets you write beautiful intro/bio to instructor profile, it shows a little stats about the instructor, like total ratings, total courses, total students, etc.


Check out these screenshots to get an idea of how Multi Instructors works


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