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Classified menu level

Classified menu level


Admin will access all of the menus

User Menu

The user will access only below the menu.

  • Dashboard
  • Payments
  • User Profile

My Ads

My ads has 4 submenu

  • My Ads
  • Post an ad
  • Pending for approval
  • Favourite Ads

My ads represent your own ads that you post before

Pst new ad by clicking post an ad

Your ad will be pending in Pending for approval menu, if admin does not publish that app

Favourite Ads will show a list your ads that you clicked save as favourite


The classified website must need category, so the ad will post category wise, here you will control category, Cate top or subcategory, edit or delete them from here.


During post ads, you have to select a brand from there, if you have no brand yo can skip this, you can Create/ Add/ Delete a brand.


Ads is user accessible menu, take control on user posted ads from here, there are 3 sub menu

  • Approved Ads
  • Pending for approval
  • Blocked Ads

Initially posted ads by user will go to Pending for approval menu, admin have to publish that ads, or if you wish to ads will publish directly right after post by user, then you have to change Ads moderation settings from Settings > Ad Settings & Pricing > Ads moderation


Themeqx Classifieds supports blog, there have different page blog on your website, you can use it or not, set it from settings,

All of the previously posted post will find in Posts menu


You can use your own pageControl your page from Pages Menu You can use Bootstrap HTML Markup here


We offer Bootstrap Carousel as slider, You can Use it to website or you can switch it off from Sliders Settings

Add Reports

Visitor can report to any ads if they are think it’s offensive, or something went wrong
Admin will find All reports under this menu, and Admin can take action immediately


All if registered user will be appear here


Theme settings and website content, additional CSS and or javascript can be added fro here. There are two Submenu

  • Theme Settings
  • Social URL

Visible footer address, email, contact and many more options there to add useful info

Social URL

Settings and their URL can be edit here, there are no more links or means it will visible, Social URL will visible to website footer


Themeqx Classifieds offer full independent on location

You can add States under country, Cities under State or edit them, Currently, there are All country, 4,119 states, and 48,314 Cities world wide

Contact Messages

If the visitor sends you an instant message via contact us page, Messages will appear here, We have saved every contact messages to the database instead of sending an email.


If you want to make money with your website, this option is for you, every possible place are here to insert your provider ad code, suppose Adsense code you will insert in these place and ad will visible there, so you can earn money from adsense, more option are there, please take a look in web


And full of control over the Themeqx classifieds you will operate from here, there are elaborate settings to control every point and customize, such as Website name, Website Title, Date and time settings, Currency Sign, Ads pricing, various type of api settings, Social Login Client id and secret id and Amazon S3 Settings


Get every payment details, click on status to get full payment info


Get your won profile, edit info or profile photo

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