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    Change Navigation from HTTP to HTTPS – File Uploads to Amazon

    Hello team!

    I sent a couple of emails to the support from Envato but I didn’t have a response there, that’s the reason that I’m trying here.
    The installatioin it’s working well, we could create users, courses and everything works ok.

    Besides that, we have two problems that we couldn’t figure it out:

    1 – Change the default navigation from HTTP to HTTPS: Right now if we want to navigate the website, as soon as we enter a new section or if we go to the admin section, the url changes from HTTPS to HTTP.
    I already modified in the “.env” file the setting “APP_URL=” to force the site to navigate with HTTPS but it’s ignoring the definition. Do you know if we have to change it in another place?
    This is not only causing troubles in the navigation, if we go for example to the multimedia section and we try to upload a file, the upload only works in HTTP and it fails with HTTPS.

    2 – Upload files bigger than 100MB to an Amazon bucket: When we go to the multimedia section we can upload any file smaller than 100MB, the progress bar is filling up nicely and we can see the file on Amazon. If we try to upload a file bigger than that, the progress bar immediatly turn yellow and it didn’t try to upload the file, failing.
    We already turn on the debug option, but we can’t see any information that we can use to solve the problem.

    Can you help us please?

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