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    Can't install in Ubuntu

    Hi author,
    please help me with installation of this script on Ubuntu ASAP because this is a client’s project and he’s rushing.

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    It’s like installing others Laravel Project, please follow the doc

    If you can install any laravel project or laravel framework to ubuntu, you can do it easily too.

    All you just need,

    create and import database
    Extract file to your domain root path
    connect database from .env file

    That’s it, you should now able to see the application running if your server have no issue.

    Best Regards


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    Please contact your hosting administrator and ask them whey it’s not working, they will help you. If you face any issue regarding the application, we are here to help.

    Best Regards



    Already contacted them and the Hosting side is fine,
    Please help me installing this script on my server otherwise I’m going for a refund.

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