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    add new language

    I bought this script by codecanyon.
    I insert test databese .
    And press Language Settings and create new language.
    But I can’t create new language by error .
    So I see error and I insert into [language] table to [enable_language_switcher] column. And try it again.
    new Language is created. This is good for me .
    But .. Is this correct solution?
    and [enable_language_switcher] is int(11) ok ?
    Default test database (real_estate_source.sql) cannot create new language by error?

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    It’s not mandatory that you need to check enable_language_switcher to add a language. Your language should create if you just insert.

    Could you please tell us which errors you found? or provide us your Website URL and cPanel password in a private reply, so we can check.

    Best Regards

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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