I don’t think

You need to be add another paypal_email format foru-gorup just below paypal_email div wrap, i am giving you example code

<div class="form-group {{ $errors->has('confirm_paypal_email')? 'has-error':'' }}">
                                    <label for="confirm_paypal_email" class="col-sm-4 control-label">@lang('app.confirm_paypal_email')</label>
                                    <div class="col-sm-8">
                                        <input type="text" class="form-control" id="confirm_paypal_email" value="{{ withdrawal_preference('confirm_paypal_email') }}" name="confirm_paypal_email" placeholder="@lang('app.confirm_paypal_email')">
                                        {!! $errors->has('confirm_paypal_email')? '<p class="help-block">'.$errors->first('confirm_paypal_email').'</p>':'' !!}

Add above code right after line number 54 in /root/resources/views/admin/withdrawal_preference.blade.php

You need to be write code also in UserController in method withdrawalPreferenceUpdate()

Giving an example

Write below code to validate if really it’s confirmed and matched both email

Place it write after 153 number line in UserController.php

        if ($request->paypal_email !== $request->confirm_paypal_email){
            return back()->with('error', 'confirm email does not mathced');

And for update, add an array item to $data like below, though i am giving you full $data value

        $data = [
            'default_withdrawal_account'    => $request->default_withdrawal_account,
            'paypal_email'                  => $request->paypal_email,
            'confirm_paypal_email'                  => $request->confirm_paypal_email,
            'bank_account_holders_name'     => $request->bank_account_holders_name,
            'bank_account_number'           => $request->bank_account_number,
            'swift_code'                    => $request->swift_code,
            'bank_name_full'                => $request->bank_name_full,
            'bank_branch_name'              => $request->bank_branch_name,
            'bank_branch_city'              => $request->bank_branch_city,
            'bank_branch_address'           => $request->bank_branch_address,
            'country_id'                    => $request->country_id,
            'user_id'                       => $user_id,

Now you need add a field to Withdrawal_preferences table in database, field type should be varchar 255 length
field name: confirm_paypal_email

Hopefully it will be help you

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