Dear Maliden

To honor you as an our loyal customer, we will do this in your budget.
To help us, please place a 5-star rating from https://codecanyon.net/downloads. at this https://codecanyon.net/item/getfund-a-professional-laravel-crowdfunding-platform/19769953 product. We will be very happy

Let us discuss the project tasks, as per the previous discussion, we will do below the point.

1. For the payment method, it will be only $200
3. content and registration page level like https://www.ulule.com/projects/create/ $150
4. At the homepage add in project box the name the country and city of the project holder as in the example https://www.ulule.com $100
5. Modify the Get started today section as shown in the example $100

Total cost: $550
Discounted cost: $300

Time required: 20 business days from payment
Payment terms: full payment as advance, (Because of it’s a small project)

Payment method: Skrill or Neteller (Paypal service is not available here)

Want to here from you
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