Dear barry wilkinson

Thank you for posting your question, please find the guide below.

To change any view, you will get the view file in /root/resources/views directory.

To change the title, (first red circle) change the line at /root/resources/lang/en/app.php at line number 221, change the value, not key.

'banner_main_header' => 'A Professional Laravel Crowdfunding Platform',

Change only “A Professional Laravel Crowdfunding Platform” and make sure no additional quote has been removed.

It will also change your second circle leading title, to change sub title, same way change next line at same file, line number 222,

'banner_sub_header' => 'Create your own world class professional fund raising platform within 5 minutes',

So it will change your sub title of second red circle.

You can change any static string from the /root/resources/lang/en/app.php

Now modify the third circle, go to /root/resources/views/home.blade.php

If you want to change only text in third circle, follow the above rule, just change only in /root/resources/lang/en/app.php

You will get all changeable text here.

And if you want to change the layout, you’ve to modify code at /root/resources/views/home.blade.php

Please don’t change any code if you don’t know laravel, it will break the system

Best regards