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LaraBid Installation is so easy, just follow the below instructions.

When you download it, you will get a zip package with the documentation and source code.

  • Unzip the LaraBid package.
  • Upload the¬†LaraBid¬†directory and files to your server. Normally the¬†root>LaraBid>public>index.php¬†file will be at your root.
  • For database settings, open the¬†.env¬†file with a text editor and set your database settings.
    Note: .env is a hidden file, you can see it by the opening directory to a text editor.
  • Import demo database, demo database located at¬†root>LaraBid>db-backup¬†directory

Access your website, you should see now your website live if you facing any issue during install. Please place a question to our forums. Our support staff will help you

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