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As you may know, JobFair Job Board application developed using Laravel Framework which is advance and popular framework these days. We are trying to provide the best performer application to our customers always.

To get the best performance from JobFair PHP Job Board, You need a good hosting, You may using shared hosting which we are not recommended to use if you can afford, get a VPS server from any renowned package. VPS server is not much costly these days, you can start $5/month to run your business primarily, of course, you can upgrade later as your business grows. Below are some 3 recommendations you can try.

  1. Linode (Referral URL)
    This is a great VPS hosting company you can consider, works with JobFair seamlessly without having any issue.
  2. DigitalOcean
  3. Amazon EC2

To install JobFair properly, Please follow the pages from left sidebar under this menu.

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