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GetFund – A Professional Laravel Crowdfunding Platform

GetFund – Laravel Crowdfunding platform is a modern crowdfunding platform built with Laravel PHP framework. Create your own professional fundraising platform to accept the donation from the users. It has powerful features to make a full pledge crowdfunding website.

GetFund comes with Laravel 5.4 version which is the most updated one from Laravel at this time of writing. The fundraising is most easy then ever. Get this platform install it and start accepting fund from users who willing to invest or donate to your campaign.

Submitted campaigns by the user will be Pending mode, after administrator verification and approve. it will be going live for the public.


The user will create the campaign, and it will become live right after administration moderation, because of your user may not trustable to you and they can submit any copyrighted or offensive content within it. But after live, admin can still control those campaign by the block that campaigns.

In the campaign single page, baker lists, Campaign Update and Frequently asked the question also available for increasing potential baker trust. A Disqus comments box also you will get there for asking anything related that campaign.

Reward options

Crowdfunding campaign owner can set unlimited rewards for backer and backer can claim their rewards. Campaign owner also can set donation amount per reward. After the end of claimed users for a reward, that can not be backed again, it will be auto closed or disable from public, but they can still only view.


In the frontend, there are several sections to manage the campaign in organize way. First one is welcome text. Then comes campaigns category. Brows crowdfunding campaigns by category. Campaign owner must be select one of the category from this lists.

Staff picks, Administrator can set one multiple campaigns here for potential or urgent or based on priorities. After the set, the campaign will be visible immediately here.

New Campaigns, All knows latest campaign should come here.

Recently funded campaigns, For branding your crowdfunding platform, you may want to show some successful campaign which already ends. After end campaigns, the administrator will get an option to place campaign here.


Baker can donate from their PayPal or stripe in the campaign. Every transaction made with GetFund is trackable from the dashboard payments menu.

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