Sales Agent Management System (SAMS)

Sales Agent Management System (SAMS)
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  • 19 August 15
  • 1.5
  • PhP >= 5.4 , MySQL 5.x
  • Bootstrap, Codeigniter, jQuery, PhP


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Sales Agent Management System (SAMS)

Sales agent management system based on PHP Codeigniter, and an excellent solution for calculating sales calculation.

Think you are a distributor and you want to distribute commission to your seller, and want to track their sales with invoice with details log, also agent can be send withdraw request to you. If these ok, then SAMS is ideal forĀ  you.

Its has nice UI and three types of admin (Admin, Agent and Users)

SAMS using ajax when fetching all of data from server, so page load only which data needs and depends your request , so application is so fast.

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