Dear @jecz

Thank you for your reply. Could you please tell me about full details of your organization plan? or which purpose you want to collect fund? if you clarify your purpose, we can help you to by providing the suggestion. Let us describe crowdfunding (I know you may already know).

There are 3 types popular crowdfunding available

1. Reward-based crowdfunding.
2. Donation-based crowdfunding.
3. Equity-based crowdfunding

Our script can handle first two points, but if you also need Equity-based also, then you can develop this by us. obviously, we will use our existing script to reduce your cost.

Want to hear from you about your plan (we keep secret all of our clients plan and data)

Payment terms: Generally we take 50% in-advance and rest 50% after done, showing you demo and confirmed from you that all of the developed modules works like a charm

Unfortunately, Paypal is not available here, You can pay us by below method

Bank transfer,
Xoom (if you from the USA, and it’s a PayPal company)
Western Union
Upwork (We will send you to profile if you select it, Upwork charge 20%, We are happy to pay 10% and you will 10%, hopefully, you can) It will may most easy method for both of us

Please let us know your preferred method, so we will send you additional data.

We are from Bangladesh, may I know where from you?

Best regards