Dear @jinshu1987

Yes, our vacation is over, we are back to our office.

I’ve told you about this future customization, please find it again.

We can guaranty about Point 1,4,5 that it will not come any future update.

But Premium campaign is in our plan, we may introduce it or not. itโ€™s 90% sure that we will not include it, if any how we include, it will be not your coding, we will introduce in another way but not yours feature, though it will not soon ad possible is just 10%. (Itโ€™s just a condition in our favor)

The total payment will be USD 400 for your pointed customization.
Payment Terms: 100% advance payment required (We take full advance if total cost under or equal then $500)
Development Time: 10 working days required to make working perfectly.

Please let us know, so we can talk about the payment method.

Best regards