Hi @jinshu1987

Thank you for clarification, but this is not really a simple task.

Letting you know what we can do in $150

1. Make the user profile completion mandatory to submit the campaign.
3. User registration mandatory email verification (we’ve added this for honor)

2. Premium Campaign – means user can pay a fixed amount to promote the campaign. (This is totally a separate module for making a campaign premium, it’s related with payment, and other algorithm, the cost will be for it only $200 )

4. Can you enable to add a fixed % service charge for the withdrawal apart from the platform charge (Yes, we can, the cost will be only $100)

5. Is it possible to automatic deduction of Platform commission+Service charge from the total amount if the campaign withdrawal is approved? How’s the payments done? is it manual process to release the funds?

You need release payment manually, the platform commission already deducting during withdrawal, and service charge deduction is related to number 4, so we’ve added this cost with number 4.

Feel free let us know

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