1. Payment Gateway :-
a. Razorpay payment gateway $300
b. Fixing the bank Account transfer form
c. Cash/Cheque/offline Payment adding (similar to bank transfer) $100
d. making the email, full name, phone number compulsory while payment $50
e. reward and donation together (currently they are exclusive )
f. offline payment confirmation from the dashboard $100
2. Making the payment in dashboard into two parts $100
a. Backing – If you have backed any projects
b. Raise- If anything is raised for your projects
3. Add Email Sending for all activity through SMTP $100
a. When user registers
b. When reset
c. When user backs a project
d. When user receieved a backing
5. user profile
1. User / Organization profile $50
2. showing backed project $50
3. Raised Project (Already exists)
4. API (Please let us know what you will do with API? and what area we’ve to cover in this api)
a. users (Already exists)
b. campaigns (Already exists)
c. payments (Already exists)
d. backing (Already exists)
5. Iframe widget code for donation for that project, so that same iframe can add to any landing page for donation. (Are you looking for embeded ad for sharing any other sites, $50)
6. Embedd pdf/ppt in campaign $100
6. Security Loopholes test ( if any )

In this mentioned points by cost, the total cost will be $1000 and time required for 20 working days, 50% advance required for this tasks, and let us know about API, we will provide quote for API individually

Best regards