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Hello @wilson

Thank you for your patient, Please get the all of the answers below.

1. SSL:

Let us cehck SSL green lock disappear in some page, and to force redirect https, please contact your hosting admin, he can do it easily.

2. Remove the website name and favicon

Website name:
Please update it from settings > general settings
Change Main title by edit language file which you will found in /root/resources/lang/en/app.php
Search Ultimate Crowdfunding Solution and replace it with your title

Change the favicon by replacing root/assets/images/favicon.ico with a icon image file 32X32 size

3. e-mail content / Youtube API

If you change all settings, you will not gat any text contains HelpUs or themeqx, still themeqx is not in anywhere. For why do you ned Youtube API? there is no place for YouTube API

4. Colors

All of the styles you will get in css file root/assets/css/style.css, please change color, styles as per your needs

5. Getfund and HelpUs

Everything comes from GetFund to HelpUs, HelpUs has additional media manager, GDPR compatibility. new design
Both products is great

6. Update version from previous version

Which version you are running right now?

7. Protection and Admin link URL

Yes, admin is fully safe, if your server security is strongest enough, then there is no security lacks to this application from our end, we’ve developed it with great security.

8. Admin URL

Please don’t afraid about the security, this application has top security. no need to change admin URL.

9. Google analytics
Place your Google analytics code to Settings > Theme Settings > Additional JS

10. Multi Language and Multi Currency
How to add more multi-language into the site?
How to add the multi-currency into the site?

To add multi-language and multi-currency, you need to get customize it by hiring a developer, you can also hire us to develop any feature or customize anything or for any full application from scratch

11. Banner and Background photos

From Campaigns lists, click Add to feature button to bring any campaign in frontpage top side
Change the image from root/assets/images/feature-campaign-bg-shape.png

Upload less then 1MB image for main banner

Banner > Any Size, the landscape will prefer
Logo > width 450px X height 100px
Favicon > 32X32
other photos, you can upload any dimention
campaign photos > you can upload any dimention

12 Terms and condition, policy

Go to menu > pages
you can create any page or edit any page from there, also you can create terms and condition or any other privacy policy page from there.

13. Andriod app

No, right now no app is available.

Best Regards