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It is not possible to use the script the way it is. Support takes time to respond. see these questions that a user in the envato raised:

I like the script very much but it lacks very important features or I might have missed it. 1-No email confirmation upon register or activation 2-No email alert to admin for new registration. 3-created a campaign in demo save the ocean campaign shows pending but already showing in the site. should send email to user your campaign is pending review and another email to admin there is a new campaign pending review. 4-when edited the campaign as a user …the campaign should be stopped and added to pending until admin approves it. didn’t get any email as user that my campaign is pending.

The above issues are very important otherwise the site will become an open junk for anybody to add anything in the site.

I would purchase this right now if the above feature were present.

I asked you the same question in the envato and you have not responded to. and see some more errors in this video: https://youtu.be/TvZsCBXm2k4. The script is ineffective at what is proposed, without conditions to use.