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At UserController.php
Line number 375, I had to change a piece of code, full code below

    public function replyByEmailPost(Request $request){
        $data = $request->all();
        $ad_id = $request->ad_id;
        $ad = Ad::find($ad_id);
        if ($ad){
            $to_email = $ad->user->email;
            if ($to_email){
                    Mail::send('emails.reply_by_email', ['data' => $data], function ($m) use ($data, $ad) {
                        $m->from(get_option('email_address'), get_option('site_name'));
                        $m->to($ad->user->email, $ad->user->name)->subject('query from '.$ad->title);
                        $m->replyTo($data['email'], $data['name']);
                }catch (\Exception $e){
                    return ['status'=>0, $e->getMessage()];
                return ['status'=>1, 'msg'=> trans('app.email_has_been_sent')];
        return ['status'=>0, 'msg'=> trans('app.error_msg')];

Location path /root/app/Http/Controllers/UserController.php

4. Private is a personal ad, Business is for a shop or like that.

as we said we will remove google map, so let us check this for you, our developer will check above two point

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