Hi @razibroyamc

At first let us say thank you for reported to Envato and treated us as cheater, you have claimed that we are provide you support, I am remembering you please see below how we did for you

1. Install this application to your server (free, though we charge $50 for installation)
2. Fixed your server issue to run it perfectly
3. Provided many helpful support to you

You have opened for topics with 29 replies from both of us, also our admin provided you support over email, you’ve opened most amount of question then others buyers, still you’ve claimed we not provided you support , A Huge congratulation to you.

BTW: Please find your current answer below.

****also Ajax is not working :
It’s Working to country, what you are expecting from this? this will search country by country name, Please check this again.
** On the header option, Flags are not showing. (Fixed)
** After Email registration user don’t get notification over mail.
There is no features to notify to user to get the email after registration.
** country wise currency is not showing .
This feature is not available in this application, you can set one currency to your application at a time.
** please give way How to Login by social media. its not working.
You need to set proper Callback URL to your social app
for Google: http://www.olmshop.com/login/google-callback
for Facebook: http://www.olmshop.com/login/facebook-callback
for Twitter: http://www.olmshop.com/login/twitter-callback

for the map, place will be not marked.

Best Regards