Hi, I think I found where to insert the codes, this question is not relevant.
But the page from body and did not find.
You say that I need to change something in codes, I need to understand Laravel, I agree with you, but not quite.
1) I bought a script, with support and script my property, and I can do whatever I want with it, and I do not need to be a developer, sometimes I need your help or at least some good documentation, as other salespeople have where I did purchase, if you want I can show an example of such sellers, you can not even imagine how small your documentation is compared to them.
2) you have a good product, but if you can not configure it, since I want it, it loses its value and becomes useless. Because, no matter how you make the site Crowdfunding on it, no one will take it seriously and make financial assistance. People need an example, that is, companies need to have numbers, as well as companies that are already finished, the site should look like your demo, only on a larger scale, I hope you understand me.
3) I know not a few examples when the developer throws to support his script and leaves with Envato and all customers are in the ass and only those who have good documentation, I also once lost the application that people installed more than 100k.
4) Sorry, I like your script, but if I can not configure it since I wrote in the second paragraph, then your script will not come in handy and I would like a refund to buy something else.
I hope for your understanding
Yours faithfully